Armed Robbery Suspects Caught On Google Maps


An Oklahoma City woman who was robbed at gunpoint three years ago says she spotted the suspects in a Google Maps image of her street.

A neighbor texted the unidentified woman to tell her the Google image captured the two men walking down her street.

The armed suspects broke into her home in July 2011. When she walked in on the burglary the suspects held her hostage at gunpoint.

“And then they pulled a gun and held me for over an hour,” she told KFOR-TV. “There were times that I thought they would shoot me before they left.”

When they got what they wanted, the suspects left.

“I was lucky they didn’t hurt me. I was very lucky that day,” the woman added.

Police are now working to find the men.

The woman said she feared her attackers would never be caught, but she now has new hope.

"She texted me a picture and it was a picture of the guys that robbed me standing in front of my house," the woman said of her neighbor. "Those are the guys that robbed me and she said, ‘I know they're on Google Maps!’"

Although their faces are blurry, the suspects’ clothing matched her description, one in blue and the other in yellow.

“Truly they’re just two kids walking down the street,” she said.

The picture was taken the same month she was robbed.

“It’s still pretty vivid," she said of the robbery. "I can relive it every day, every time I walk in my home I can relive it.”

Oklahoma City police urge anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.

Sources: New York Daily News, KFOR-TV

Image screenshot: KFOR-TV


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