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Woman Spends Hours Searching For Herself After Report Of Missing Traveler

Traveling is good for the soul. Sometimes all we need is a little time away from our usual surroundings to sort things out within ourselves and return a happier person.

An existential experience like this could lead to a headline reading “Woman finds herself during trip abroad.”

Now, interpret that line literally and you have this story.

A tourist in Iceland unknowingly searched for herself for hours after failing to realize she was the one reported missing by her fellow travelers.

Prior to the search, the woman went into a bathroom to freshen up and change her clothes. Her companions didn’t recognize her upon her return and reported a missing traveler. The woman failed to realize the described missing person was her, so she joined the search.

About 50 people searched by foot and vehicle for the woman. The coast guard even had a helicopter ready to help.

At around 3am, someone finally realized that the elusive missing traveler had been with the group all along. The search was called off. Something tells me the “missing” woman probably had a hard time making friends for the next few days.

As for the group: no one thought to do a head count? Could have saved a lot of trouble. 

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