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Woman Spends $170K To Look Like A Drawing (Photos)

A woman in England spent more than $170,000 to resemble a caricature drawn of herself 15 years ago.

Krystina Butel, 31, has spent $173,000 on plastic surgery to look more like the picture drawn of her as a teenager while on a vacation, reports.

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Butel describes herself as a tomboy who wasn’t concerned with her appearance until she turned 14.

From hair extensions to makeup, she became increasingly fascinated with beauty products.

It was a trip to Spain with friends at age 15 where the idea of surgery was planted in her head.

"My friend and I were strolling down a busy street and this old man was sitting there drawing people,” she recalls. “He shouted over to ask if we wanted to get ours done and we agreed. I figured it would be a nice souvenir of my holiday."

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The caricature the artist drew gave the young Butel large breasts, a narrow waist and long blond hair that Butel said she immediately fell in love with.

"When I saw the caricature for the first time, that was it," Butel said. "I loved her eyes, hair and lips too. It was as if the artist had seen the potential in me; he showed me what I could be if I pushed myself to the limit.”

Only one year after the picture was drawn, she decided to pursue plastic surgery to realize her dreams, setting aside money to do so.

Using the money from the salon she opened up, she was able to successfully fund the various procedures.

Since then she has gone to extreme lengths to look like that image, including semi-permanent makeup, botox and tanning beds to three breasts augmentation operations.

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She is considering having more work done.

Many on social media have  expressed mixed reactions to the woman’s surgeries. Some say they are bothered by the fact an “old man” drew such a provocative picture of such a young girl calling the man a “creep.”

Others chose to not make judgments.

“Her money her life,” writes Stephanie Abke on The Tattoo Page's Facebook page . “A lot of women spend hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly on make-up to alter their appearance. Why should she be ridiculed for altering hers more permanently.”

Sources:,The Tattoo Page/Facebook / Photo credit: News Dog Media via Mirror

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