Florida Woman Steals Identity To Pay For Plastic Surgery

A Florida woman is wanted for allegedly stealing another woman's identity to pay for thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery.

According to KTRK, police are searching for 20-year-old Nyaira Thomas, who is accused of stealing somebody else's identity to pay for her surgeries. Thomas had plastic surgery on her breasts, lips, and buttocks, as well as some liposuction. She shared photos of her new look on social media.

Lakeland, Florida, police say that Thomas paid for the surgeries after stealing another woman's identity. An investigation was launched after a clinic in Lakeland filed a forgery report earlier in March.

Thomas received breast implants and liposuction of her flanks. She had the fat that was removed from her flanks implanted in her buttocks. According to KTRK, the procedures cost a total of $10,495. 

The 20-year-old also received Juvederm in her lips, which cost $530. 

"It was a really bizarre case that we worked," a Lakeland police spokesperson said.

Authorities say that an Illinois woman reported that her identity and personal information had been stolen. Police then notified the clinic at which the procedures took place.

Alyssa Tucker, a former friend of Thomas', says that Thomas used her as a pawn by using her address at the clinic.

"She wanted to get her breasts done, and she didn't want her mom to know," Tucker told WSVN.

The police spokesperson says that the Illinois woman whose identity was stolen by Thomas has no idea how this could have happened. 

"She truly has no idea how her information ended up here in Lakeland, how it was stolen," the police spokesperson said, reports WSVN.

Police are currently searching for Thomas and say that if she is found, she will likely have to pay back the stolen money and may spend some time in jail.

Investigators believe that Thomas may currently be in Atlanta, Georgia. If caught, she faces charges of criminal use of personal ID, forgery and grand theft over $10,000.  

"It's a horrible thing to do," Tucker said.

Lakeland Police detailed the case in a post on their Facebook page:

It was discovered that at an unknown time and unknown means, a resident of Illinois identified as K.C. to protect her identity, had her identity and personal information stolen. Several credit applications had been opened in K.C.’s name that she did not approve. One of the applications was for Care Credit at Watson Clinic. The suspect, Nyaira Thomas, presented herself to Watson Clinic staff as K.C. and had a fraudulent Illinois ID with her picture on it. Thomas had two procedures done on separate occasions.

On February 20th, Thomas received breast implants, liposuction of her flanks, and the fat from the flanks were placed in her buttocks. The cost for this procedure was $10, 495.00. On February 27th, Thomas received one (1) CC of Juvederm in her lips at a cost of $530.00.

The total cost is $11,025.00.

Det. Fetz was able to locate a Lake Wales address off of a credit application report and Det. Fetz furthermore located a witness that identified Thomas. Further investigation consisting of witness interviews and photo packs that identified Thomas as the suspect. A warrant has been issued for her arrest on these charges:
1.Criminal Use of Personal ID
2. Forgery
3.Grand Theft over $10,000.00

Sources: KTRKWSVNLakeland PD/Facebook / Photo credit: Instagram via WBBH

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