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People Furious After Woman Tattoos Her Cat (Photos)

People Furious After Woman Tattoos Her Cat (Photos) Promo Image

People around the world are furious at an Instagram model who had her cat tattooed with a black and white chest piece so he would "look unique and please God," according to her.

The Sphinx cat now permanently wears the image of a winged Egyptian god, Anubis, and his new look has popped up several times on owner Elena Ivanickaya's social media, as well as an Instagram page she made for the animal, reports the Daily Mirror.

The bodybuilder and model could be facing animal cruelty charges.

"If we establish that the animal was tortured, we will open a criminal case," said police spokesperson Natalia Chovpylo, according to The Sun.

A number of people online agreed with this sentiment and called an animal abuser. 

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"The cat had no choice and completely unnecessary," one Facebook user wrote on an Oct. 24 post from the Daily Mirror. "If this tattoo store was near me I would protest outside it as this is not acceptable!" 

Another said Ivanickaya did something "disgusting and cruel" to her "beautiful Sphynx."

"Cat cruelty," somebody else wrote. "You do not give any animal an [anesthetic] unless you have to.That alone could kill it.Stupid woman."

One person said it was "ok" as long as the cat "felt no pain" and received the "correct pain killer," though that person took heat for her comment. One person said it wasn't any different from declawing.

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Ivanickaya's partner, Anatoliy Loginov, said in a Facebook post the couple decided to have the procedure done two months ago and did some research to make sure Yasha the cat would not be harmed.

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He said they visited the "best tattoo parlor" in their hometown of Chernihiv, Ukraine, and the tattoo artists agreed to do what he called "God-pleasing work," according to the Daily Mirror.

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"All this time, Yasha was anesthetized and did not feel pain," he added. "Under the same anesthesia, various blasphemers cut off the testicles of their animals, something that angers God and his plan that all living things should be able to reproduce."

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He noted the cat was visibly sexually aroused under the anesthesia, so he likely had an erotic dream while he was getting inked.

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"This cat's life is better then yours," Ivanickaya said to the haters in an Instagram post alongside a photo of her cat eating oysters, according to The Sun. "Maybe it is hell for you, but he feels just fine. He has not been castrated and he never will be, this would be real cruelty. I checked with the vet before getting him a tattoo and they were fine with it and a vet was present while they were doing the tattoo, so everything was under control." 

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