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Nurse Claims White Women Raise Rapist Sons, Loses Job (Photos)

Nurse Claims White Women Raise Rapist Sons, Loses Job (Photos) Promo Image

An Indiana nurse has lost her job after allegedly making racially charged tweets on Twitter -- but it's unclear which of the tweets were by the nurse and which were made by trolls taking advantage of the controversy.

WXIN has identified the nurse as Indiana University Health employee Taiyesha Baker, reports Daily Mail.

The tweet, which originated from an account that linked back to Baker, read: "Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves. B***H." 

IU Health originally released a statement regarding the matter on the morning of Nov. 25: "We are aware of the situation. Our Human Resources Department is investigating this issue and will take appropriate action."

Following the statement, a spokesman confirmed with WXIN that Baker was a registered nurse, but declined to comment on which specific hospital employed her.

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Later on Nov. 25, IU Health released another statement.

"IU Health is aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee," it said. "Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts. During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care."

According to IndyStar, the Twitter account that posted the original tweet about white women and their sons was deleted when the controversy began, but a different user or users began posting under the same name on Nov. 25.

On Nov. 26, yet another statement was quoted by WXIN, indicating that Baker had been fired. "A recently hired IU Health employee tied to troubling posts on social media this weekend is no longer an employee of IU Health," it declared.

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However, on Nov. 27, WXIN issued the following clarification: "In a push alert Sunday, we said that IU Health fired Baker. That's inaccurate as details around the decision are not known at this time."

According to public records, Baker's most recent nursing license went into effect on Oct. 30 and expires Oct. 31, 2019.

Readers of the story expressed anger at Baker's alleged comments.

"A whole bucketload of hate unleashed by the Hater-In-Chief, obama. Since the last eight years it has become fashionable amongst our college idiots to ascribe all sorts of moral inferiorities on people of European heritage...they are the demons responsible for all of the present day chaos. In psychology, this sort of behavior is called 'projection'; unconciously attributing your attitudes on others. We are getting so tired of the propagandizing and lying of rainbarrel liberal Democrats," said one Washington Times reader in the story's comment section.

Sources: Daily Mail, WXIN, IndyStar, Washington Times / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Taiyesha Baker/Twitter via Daily Mail

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