Woman Smuggles 30 Pounds of Marijuana Unknowingly After Drug Cartel Hides it On Vehicle


Detectives in San Diego are suspecting that a woman who works in the city but lives in Mexico may have been targeted by drug smugglers after she unknowingly carried 30 pounds of marijuana into America.

The woman, whose name has not yet been released, commutes to San Diego for work. She arrived early on Friday and was sitting in her car around four in the morning when two men came up to her vehicle and started pulling items from underneath it.

An hour before that, she crossed the border.

Not knowing what they were doing, she tried to talk to them, but they ran to a black sedan and drove away.

After she called the police, they discovered that six packages of marijuana were stuck to the car, held to it by powerful magnets.

Police are still uncertain who attached the drugs to her car or when they did it, they have not made any arrests.

CNN reported that drug cartels often target people who cross the border on a regular basis and have "consistent routines."

When they target a potential victim, they follow that car when it returns to Mexico or plant GPS devices on it.

Sources: Daily Mail,NBC San Diego


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