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Woman Smears Poop On Macy's Employees During Shoplift Attempt

A shoplifting suspect in Florida did one of the most disgusting things a person can do in order to try and create a diversion, but in the end, she still got caught.

32-year-old Marisol Toribio was arrested in Coral Springs, Florida after a confrontation with employees at a local Macy’s store. According to reports, Toribio was attempting to leave the store with stolen merchandise when some loss prevention employees confronted her. In an attempt to get away, Toribio reportedly reached into her pants, pulled out some poop, and smeared it on their faces.

Despite her best efforts, Toribio wasn’t able to get away with the crime, and Coral Springs police arrested her on Tuesday. She has now been charged with theft as well as tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and appeared in bond court on those charges on Wednesday.

Sources:Local 10, Crime Feed / Photo Sources: Local 10, Wikimedia Commons


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