Woman Slaps Policeman, He Responds Accordingly (Video)


A woman was caught on camera getting slapped in the face after she slapped a police officer. In the video (below), the woman can be seen talking to the officer. They argue for several seconds before the woman slaps the officer across the face. 

Overcome with anger, the stone-faced officer collects himself and then returns a slap right across the woman's face. She begins to cry out in pain before being led away by the officer.

The clip quickly went viral, though reactions from viewers were mixed.

“I believe his reaction was fair and just,” one viewer commented on YouTube.

“This was a hand book example of police professionalism and just overall great policing!” another wrote.

In a similar incident in Wareham, Massachusetts, a woman claimed that a police officer who responded to a fight at her home hit her in the face.

“Next thing I know, I got hit. Like, boom. My son grabbed me because I didn't have my walker. I was holding onto the couch,” Trudy Phillips told WCVB. Phillips was reportedly slapped after the officer attempted to confiscate her son’s cell phone, which he had been using to record the interaction with police. 

Phillips’ address had been known to police, as they reportedly made upwards of 60 calls to the home over the course of 15 years.

Watch the intense altercation between the officer and the woman below.

Sources: instajustice/YouTube, WCVB / Photo credit: instajustice/YouTube

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