Woman Slams Anti-Gay Neighbors with Pro-Gay Christmas Lights on Home


Dr. Mary Pham upset several of her neighbors in Irvine, Calif. last April by raising a pro-gay rainbow flag on top of her home where she has left it for most of the year.

Irvine is situated in the very conservative Orange County, so Dr. Pham got plenty of push back from her neighbors.

The pro-gay flag drew angry emails such as: "Most people do not choose the gay lifestyle, and personally it irritates me to have to be reminded everyday of two men having sex with each other."

Dr. Pham also got notes taped to her door and one under the windshield wipers of her housemate's car that read: “GOD HATES FLAGS.”

"I'm angry that these adults feel this way," she told The OC Weekly. "Okay, they hate me, that's fine. But to hate an entire group? That's wrong. The way these people are thinking, they're in the Stone Age."

Dr. Pham heard stories that some of her neighbors had written letters to the Home Owners Association complaining about her “f-- flag.”

According to ThePleasureChest.com, Dr. Pham and her son Russell recently decided to use thousands of Christmas lights (Clark Griswald-style) to paint her house in the colors of the gay rainbow flag.

Sources:ThePleasureChest.com, SheWired.com, The OC Weekly


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