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Woman Skips Mom's Funeral To Rob Her Home (Photos)

Woman Skips Mom's Funeral To Rob Her Home (Photos) Promo Image

A Massachusetts woman allegedly skipped her mother's funeral so she could break into her home and steal a safe full of valuables.

According to the Daily Mail, Alyce H. Davenport stole a safe containing items worth $90,000 from the home of her late mother, Audra Johnson, all while Johnson's funeral was happening elsewhere.

Diron Conyers, 27, was accused of helping Davenport with the theft.

Johnson's fiance, Thomas Baillet, told police he noticed something was wrong when he returned home from the funeral.

Baillet said the bedroom door frame was damaged and Johnson's safe was missing from the home.

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Police quickly looked to Davenport as a suspect because she was reportedly recently kicked out of her mother's home for using drugs.

Family members told investigators that Davenport was absent from the funeral and had not been answering her phone.

The Warren Police Department sent a notice to other departments in the area to be on the lookout for Davenport, who they said would likely be found in a blue Honda Civic.

The vehicle was spotted on the side of the road in Southbridge. Upon searching the car, officers found legal documents, jewelry, a bag of knives and a bag filled with $5,000 worth of coins. The safe was found in the car's trunk.

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Police later found and arrested Davenport and Conyers at a motel in Sturbridge.

In the motel room, police found jewelry, cellphones, keys, a checkbook that was reported stolen and a real estate contract for Johnson's address, according to the Telegram & Gazette.

Police said Conyers appeared to have been using cocaine. Officers found evidence of the drug on a dresser in the room.

The police report stated that officers were already familiar with Davenport, who is also a suspect in the theft of life insurance checks that her brother received following their father's death.

"Alyce also has a history of larceny, identity theft and forgery," the report stated.

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Davenport and Conyers are both facing seven counts related to the alleged theft. Davenport's bail was set at $15,000, while Conyers is being held without bail due to another warrant.

Daily Mail readers shared their thoughts on the story.

"What kind of monster would rob their own mother during her funeral for cripes sakes," one reader commented. "Wow, just wow. What a scumbag."

"Her mother never looked happy in the pics with her and her daughter -- the daughter couldn't wait til she was even buried -- how utterly pathetic and demented is she," another user wrote.

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