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Woman Skips Mom's Funeral To Rob Her Home

Woman Skips Mom's Funeral To Rob Her Home Promo Image

A Massachusetts woman is reported to have robbed her own deceased mother's house during the woman's funeral.

Police say 30-year-old Alyce Davenport, of Southbridge, skipped her mother's funeral to break into her home in Warren and steal a safe with $90,000 worth of items inside, according to CBS.

The burglary reportedly took place during the funeral for Audra Johnson, Davenport's mother, on Jan. 5, according to MassLive.

Johnson's fiance discovered that the safe had been stolen after the funeral and contacted police.

Officer Shawn Morin reported that the safe had been removed from a locked bedroom, and that the bedroom's door frame had been damaged. Morin wrote that Davenport was a suspect and had recently been ordered to leave the home for using drugs, reports The Telegram & Gazette.

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Family members had told police Davenport did not attend her mother's funeral, and wasn't answering her phone.

Police arrested Davenport and her alleged accomplice, 27-year-old Diron Conyers at a Sturbridge motel.

Davenport is also suspected in a case where life insurance checks for her brother were stolen after the death of their father.

"Alyce also has a history of larceny, identity theft, and forgery," said the police report.

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Conyers has a police record that includes armed robbery charges.

The safe, which was found in the trunk of a car that the pair had been believed to be driving, held a money bag with about $5,000 in coins, a checkbook that had been reported stolen in a burglary in Connecticut, legal documents, a real estate contract related to Davenport's mother's home, jewelry, cellphones and a bag of knives.

Police also found cocaine residue in the room, reports the Daily Mail.

Davenport was held on $15,000 bail after she pleaded not guilty to seven charges related to the incident. Conyers was ordered to be held without bail because of a separate warrant.

It's unclear whether Davenport has a lawyer, reports The Associated Press.

The pair are due in court on Feb. 6 for a pretrial hearing.

In March 2016, another Massachusetts woman admitted to stealing over $45,000 in Social Security benefits from her deceased mother, according to NECN.

Shirley Warner, 52, of Haydenville, pleaded guilty to theft of public money. Warner's mother died in July 2010, but Warner admitted that she continued to collect Social Security benefits for the dead woman from August 2010 to March 2014. The money was deposited into a joint bank account with the mother and daughter's names on it, prosecutors said.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Warner was sentenced to three years of probation. She was required to pay $45,491 in restitution to the Social Security Administration, along with a $1,000 fine.

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