Video: Two Indian Men In Singapore Beat Woman In Public For Cheating

Two Indian men filmed themselves verbally and physically abusing a woman in public after they learned she was two-timing them.

The woman allegedly cheated on both men, said to be her boyfriends, and would not allow either of them to speak with other women, according to The Real Singapore.

In the viral video below, the two men verbally abuse the woman by asking her crude questions. Then they physically assault her.

They continue to hit the woman, pulling her hair and even punching her on the back if they did not like the answer that she gave them, or if she didn’t answer at all.

The alleged cheater was left in tears and covering her face in pain. She asked her lovers to stop beating her but to no avail.

The people involved in the love triangle have not been identified. But some Internet users say that the woman is an overseas worker from the Philippines or Indonesia, XOLXOL.ph reports.

Some users also agree that what she did was wrong, but others are shocked at how both men physically abuse her in an open area, all while filming.

Watch the video below (Warning: contains graphic content):

Sources: The Real SingaporeXOLXOLWorldStarHipHop


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