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Woman Signs Her Boyfriend's 'Private Area' As A Way To Make Sure He Doesn't Cheat On Her (Video)

A woman recently appeared on Steve Harvey’s talk show and revealed that her method of preventing her boyfriend from cheating on her includes her signing her name on his private parts. 

During the segment in Steve Harvey’s show in which audience members ask professionals if something they are doing is weird, the woman revealed that she and her boyfriend have a system where she will sign his penis, take a picture, and ask him to see his penis when he gets home from going out with friends to make sure that the signature still looks the same.

The woman says she’s been in a relationship with her boyfriend for the last seven years, and during the first three, she suspected that he was cheating on her. For four years, however, they’ve been using the penis signature system, which she says works great. The reaction from Steve and the professionals, however, is exactly what you’d expect.

“The moment you whip out the Sharpie or Bic or whatever you're using and start to write your name, you already don't trust him," Tiffanie Davis Henry, a licensed psychotherapist, said to the woman. "My question is why go through the writing of the name, the taking the picture, all this? You're doing a lot of work! Why go through all of that for someone you don't trust?”

Take a look at the hilarious and confusing moment below.

Sources:Mad World News, Glamour


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