Woman Shot In The Nose While Eating Ice Cream

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A woman in Buenos Aires was shot in her nose while eating ice cream.

Nadia Mariscal, 35, was enjoying the sweet treat with her children when she was attacked "from above," reports Metro.

At first, Mariscal thought she had been hit by a stick or stone -- but then she saw the air rifle pellet stuck in her nose.

"I felt something hit my nose, it hurt a lot and I started bleeding," the mother recalls, adding that she thinks the gun was fired from a building above.

"[The shooter] must be someone mad, I cannot understand it," she later said. "It is so dangerous, the park was full of kids and there could have been a tragedy."

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Luckily, Mariscal was rushed to the hospital where the pellet was quickly removed.

"The doctor saw me, as well as the surgeon, and they gave me antibiotics," she said. "They put something on it to stop the bleeding because I was losing blood."

Mariscal is now reportedly doing well and says she is just grateful nothing worse happened.

"I guess I should be glad it didn’t hit me in the eye and that nothing happened to my son," said the mother. "I got off lightly really."

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Many commenters on the internet agreed.

"God gave you a second chance in life," wrote one person on Metro's Facebook post about the incident.

"Thank God it was not her eye," added another.

Police are now on the hunt for the unidentified shooter. They believe several young people may be responsible.

"We are redoubling our efforts to find them, but it’s not easy," said a police spokesman. "We believe they come as a group, possibly with backpacks where their guns and ammunition are hidden."

This is not the first time somebody landed in the hospital after eating ice cream.

A 3-year-old in Alabama was enjoying the cold delight when she slipped away from her family and fell into a grease pit behind the ice cream shop, CNN reports.

"Immediately when they didn't see her playing, the family called police to say she was missing and by the time police got there, her family had already found her and started CPR," Lee County Coroner Bill Harris said. "She was only missing about 5 to 10 minutes but by the time her dad found her in the pit, she was unresponsive."

The child died after being rushed to the hospital.

Sources: Metro, Metro/Facebook, CNN / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Kwekwe/Wikimedia Commons, Lotus Head via Wikimedia Commons

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