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Woman Shot Dead In Road Rage Incident May Have Been Killed In Self Defense

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The case of a Las Vegas mother shot dead in a road rage incident just got a bit more complicated, thanks to new information raising the possibility that she may have been killed in self defense.

Tammy Meyers, 44, was teaching her daughter to drive on Feb. 12 when a silver sedan sped up behind them. Meyers’ daughter honked the horn, prompting the sedan driver to pull over and exit their vehicle. After an angry exchange, Meyers and her daughter returned home. When she got home, she asked her 22-year-old son to join her in searching for the sedan. The young man brought a gun with him on the drive.

After searching for the car for some time, the pair eventually found it. From there, police said they were not yet clear on the details but believe the sedan driver followed Meyers home and shot her in the head outside of her house.

With new details emerging about her son’s decision to bring a gun on the search that led to the fatal shooting, many are questioning whether Meyers’ death might have been in self-defense as opposed to cold-blooded murder. Police have refused to speculate on the motive for the killing, as an investigation is ongoing.

“Unfortunately, I can't ask Tammy what was in her mind at the time of her actions," Metro Lt. Ray Steiber said. "What I can say is this, that at this point in time, Tammy is a victim, okay? This family right now is in mourning. They are very distraught over what has occurred. It's our job and it's our obligation as a community and a law enforcement organization to ensure that everyone is safe regardless of what our personal opinions are on certain people's actions.”

Meyers’ children said their mother was simply trying to protect them when she confronted the driver.

“I did what I had to do to protect my family," Meyers' son Brandon said at a vigil. "And I'd do it for anyone I love.”

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“My mom was protecting me that night and she was doing what any mom would do," daughter Kristal told attendees. "She was my everything, my best friend. She did everything she could possibly do to protect me and I love her so much."

Police have not identified the suspect, though they describe the person as a white male, 20-30 years old and 6-feet tall.

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