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Woman Shoots Stalker Hiding Under Bed

A Nashville, Tennessee, woman shot a stalker she discovered hiding under her bed June 21.

The 52-year-old woman was having a security system installed to protect her from ex-boyfriend Tony Gunter when the incident occurred, according to WZTV.

The woman recently broke up with Gunter after hearing about his criminal past. The pair had reportedly dated for two years.

When she asked Gunter to leave, he allegedly said, “I will kill you, you stupid c***.”

She subsequently changed the locks on her home twice, but repeatedly found signs that he had broken into her property. She filed an order of protection against him.

It was while a security firm was installing the system June 21 that she discovered Gunter, who had taken her phone to prevent her from calling 911.

The woman asked the installer to call 911.

She shot Gunter in the foot and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. She also demanded that Gunter give the phone back, and he threw it out from under the bed.

Gunter is charged with aggravated burglary, violating a protection order, theft and stalking.

Earlier this year, a Kentucky woman responded in a similar fashion to the attempts of a stalker to rob her at knife point.

John Ganobick was shot in the neck by the unidentified woman.

“The victim stated she was afraid that she would be raped or murdered and as she fell across the passenger seat of her vehicle, she was able to reach into her purse and grab her gun and attempt to fire a shot at the suspect,” a report said, according to the Daily Mail.

Although the gun did not fire at the first attempt, the woman pulled the trigger again. A second shot hit Ganobick in the buttocks.

Ganobick appeared in court with a breathing tube for his trial for attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping.

Sources: WZTV, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Metro Police Department via WZTV

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