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Woman Reportedly Shoots Love Rival In Victoria's Secret

An Ohio woman is behind bars after reportedly shooting a love rival in a Victoria's Secret Pink store in Cincinnati on March 30.

Police charged Anikqua A.E. Williams, 22, with felonious assault after allegedly shooting Daneshia Elmore, 23, in the chest over a man, reports WSYX.

Elmore was rushed to the hospital with wounds not thought to be life-threatening. She was later reported to be in stable condition, according to WCMH.

"I shot her," said Williams as police approached her at the Easton Town Center, the Daily Mail reports.

Williams is now in the Franklin County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. She had court appearances scheduled for March 31 and April 7.

Police are still investigating the incident.

The shopping mall's management at Easton Town Center commented on the shooting to reassure customers they are safe, WCMH reports.

"Significant resources are devoted to keeping people safe at Easton, including extensive video surveillance, special duty Columbus Police officers in cruisers, on bikes and on foot, plain clothes officers, K-9 officers and mounted patrol plus our own security personnel and members of our Ambassador team," the management company said. "Our security procedures are constantly reviewed and adjusted based on feedback from local, state and federal authorities as well as national security experts."

It's not the first time a love triangle turned dangerous.

Missouri woman Carolyn Heckert was arrested in October 2016 after allegedly stabbing love rival Sarah DeLeon to death more than 20 years ago, in 1989, reports the Daily Mail.

"There were so many stab wounds [on DeLeon] -- it was horrible," DeLeon's mother Gail Elieson, 68, recalls. "I just had no idea at the time who could have done something like that. It must have been someone with a lot of passion, a lot of anger."

DeLeon, 18, was dating Heckert's ex-boyfriend, Matt Utland, when she was killed.

"The only person I knew who had a beef with her [DeLeon] was Carolyn [Heckert]," said Elieson. "She came to the [family] house once but I don't think Sarah was there. She threatened to cut her hair. Basically, I think she was just jealous."

"He had dated her before Sarah but he was single when they started dating," she added. "He wasn't doing anything wrong but she was jealous."

Heckert, now 48, eventually became a real estate agent, married another man and had two children.

She is held in jail, awaiting trial. She is also a suspect in the 1994 murder of Diana Ault, who was at home with her 4-year-old son, Josh, when she was shot.

Sources: WSYX, Daily Mail (2), WCMH / Photo credit: Franklin County Jail via Daily Mail

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