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Woman Fatally Shoots Intruder After Police Took Over An Hour To Arrive

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A woman who reportedly waited an hour for police to assist her in a potential break in ultimately took matters into her own hands, shooting and killing the intruder.

“Someone is trying to break into my house,” the woman, from Dayton, Ohio, told a dispatcher around 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday, WDTN reported.

The dispatcher proceeded to ask the woman several questions before telling her to keep an eye out for an officer and hanging up.

An hour later, help had yet to arrive. During this time, DeBrandon Dickerson, 22, attempted to break into the woman’s house through an upstairs window. She prevented the break-in by fatally shooting Dickerson and then called 911 once more.

“Someone broke into your house and you shot them?” the dispatcher asked after the woman explained the situation. The dispatcher stayed on the line until help arrived.

Following the incident, many questioned whether or not the dispatcher broke protocol by initially ending correspondence with the woman instead of staying on the line until an officer arrived. 

The first call, according to Captain Matt Haines, was classified as a priority three suspicious persons call — meaning that a two person unit would respond when available. At the time of the incident, there were reportedly seven officers and one sergeant on duty.

The second call was reportedly classified as a priority one shooting, and officers responded within minutes.

“I don’t believe it is fair to say that our employee 'hung up' on the caller,” Haines said. “However, our investigation will attempt to determine whether or not the initial phone call was handled properly by the call taker, if the incident was appropriately handled by our dispatcher responsible for Dayton Fifth District.”

Sources: Mad World News, WDTN

Photo credit:, WikiCommons


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