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Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend In The Leg In Self-Defense After Trying To Break Up With Him

A violent fight between a woman and her ex-boyfriend at a gas station left the ex-boyfriend in the hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg.

Houston Police are calling it an act of self-defense.

According to investigators, a woman was driving in southwest Houston on April 8 when a man started following her and forced his way into her car and tried to crash it, reports.

“He came banging on the window, he forced her away from the driver’s side to the passenger side, then he became the driver,” said Clint Ponder of the Houston Police Department. “Once he was inside the vehicle, he was hitting her in the face, and other stuff ensued, and she pulled out her weapon and shot him in self-defense.”

Authorities say the shooting happened at around 10:30 a.m. just a few yards from a Citgo gas station driveway. Witnesses said the fight was violent.

“I was seeing everything,” said Stephen Aguilar. “He jumped out a couple of times and she tried to take off and he jumped in, and caught up to her and pulled her over again.

“It was just a lot of yelling and it was violent.”

The ex-boyfriend was rushed to the hospital and was treated for the gunshot wound to his leg.

For now, police say the woman is not facing charges because she fired the gun in self-defense. The ex-boyfriend was reportedly threatening to hurt her. reported that once the man is released from hospital, he will be booked into jail and charged with assault.

Investigators believe the dispute started because the woman wanted to end the relationship but the man did not.

The police did not release the names of the man and woman involved.


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