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Victim Snatches Carjacker's Gun, Shoots Him (Video)

An Atlanta woman took matters into her own hands when she shot a man who was trying to steal her car with his own gun.

According to reports, the woman had just gotten into her car on Saturday night when Sebastian Fontana walked up with a gun and forced his way into her vehicle.

“At that point, she locked the doors to the vehicle,” said Atlanta police Officer John Chafee. “The male came up to the window and displayed a firearm in order for her to allow him into the vehicle.”

When the woman let Fontana inside, he reportedly said, “We’re going to have some fun.” Fontana attempted to start the car but got frustrated because the vehicle was manual and he did not know how to drive a stick shift, so he put the gun down to figure it out, and that’s when the woman sprung into action.

The woman reportedly grabbed the gun and attempted to get out of the car while Fontana tried to stop her by biting and grabbing her.

“The suspect grabbed her, bit her several times and attempted to pull her back in the vehicle,” Chafee said.

With Fontana’s gun in her hand, the woman proceeded to shoot him so that she could get away.

“In this case, she did see an opening and she took it and it worked out for her and we were able to get the suspect into custody,” Chafee said.

Fontana is currently in the hospital being treated for his injuries and is now facing charges for assault, battery, kidnapping and hijacking of a motor vehicle. 

Sources: WSBTV, Midtown Patch, 11 Alive News


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