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Woman Shoots and Decapitates Rapist Who Impregnated Her

A 26-year-old woman got revenge on her rapist after discovering she was pregnant with his child by shooting him, stabbing him and then cutting off his head.

The Turkish woman, identified as Nevin Yildirim, was reportedly five months pregnant with the murdered man’s child and claimed that he had abused her for months prior to the killing.

When police came to arrest Yildirim, according to the Daily Mail, they found her right near the severed head. She pointed to it and said, “That is the head of one who toyed with my honor.”

The woman told the Hurriyet Daily News she was not worried about the consequences of what she did because she believes she did what had to be done.

The rapist apparently took naked pictures of her and threatened to send them to her parents unless she willingly had sex with him.

“He kept saying that he would tell everyone about the rape,” said Yildirim at the time of the incident, as noted by

“My daughter will start school this year. Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can. I saved my honor. They will now call children the kids of the women who saved her honor.”


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