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Teen Girl With Chain Around Neck Escapes Kidnapper

A teenage girl in Texas was kidnapped and held in an abandoned apartment complex.

The girl, who a witness says is around 16-years-old, flagged down Lubbock police on Jan. 13 after escaping her captor, KCBD reports. She told police that a man kidnapped her after school on Jan. 12 and held her in an abandoned apartment complex.

There was reportedly a chain around the girl's neck.

"I saw a girl and two other women that had stopped, I'm assuming to help her, running out into 34th Street to flag down a police officer..." Jordan Thomas, a witness who works nearby where the girl was found, said. "...I saw just a young girl that had a chain around her neck with a master lock on it. More and more police officers showed up, ambulance. I saw the bolt cutters that they used to take it off, which was just kind of surreal to see that in real life."

The Lubbock Police Department and members of SWAT searched the apartment building after the teen told them there may be more victims inside. More than 30 officers and SWAT members searched every room of the complex twice, but did not find any other victims.

Police say there is no indication that there are additional victims.

The teen described her male kidnapper as being black with a large build, between the ages of 40 to 50, with acne. He was wearing a white bandana with a baseball cap, and may have been driving a red passenger car.

The teen, who was not reported missing, was treated at a local hospital, where she was with her family.

"I'm glad she's OK," Thomas said, noting that he will never forget what he saw. "I'm glad she's a fighter and a survivor, and I hope that this doesn't take a toll on her life ... I'm praying for her and I'm glad she's safe."

In the U.S., almost 2,000 children are reported missing or abducted each day, according to the Missouri Child Identification Program. The most frequent victims, accounting for 81 percent, are children aged 12 or older, of both non-family abductions and kidnappings.

Sources:  KCBDMissouri Child Identification Program / Photo credit: KCBD

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