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French Woman Apologizes To Two Plumbers She Sexually Abused

After a French housewife was found guilty of sexually abusing two plumbers who were doing work on her house, she offered an apology to the victims.

According to reports, the 50-year-old French woman hired the plumbers back in October of 2013, but upon entering the home, the woman seemed to want a completely different type of service. The victims say that the woman, identified only as “ID” began stroking one of the two on the back and told him to come to her bedroom after he was done fixing something. The man refused, but the woman persisted and even shut all the doors and windows in the house while continuing her sexual advances on the men.

Reports also say that the woman tried to force herself onto their behind’s when they would bend over to continue their work. When the men once again refused the woman’s sexual advances, she reportedly got angry and struck one of them in the face. The men left in such a hurry they left their tools behind but returned to the house the next day with a police officer to get their things.

On the day that the two men returned with the officer, reports say that her aggressive behavior continued, and she allegedly even struck a manager at the building where she lived and attacked two police officers.

In court, ID was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence and forced to get help for her reported 15-year battle with alcoholism.

“I’ve now decided to take my life in hand,” the woman reportedly said in court. “I’ve not drunk for more than eight months, and I’ve started training to be a life coach.”

The woman also offered an apology to the two plumbers in addition to paying them nearly $1,000 each in damages.

Sources:Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons


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