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Injured Woman Settles With Target After Four Year Suit (Video)

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Marion Hedges is working on a settlement with Target after two kids dropped a shopping cart on her head in October 2011, leaving her brain damaged.

The 47-year-old real estate agent was walking into a Target in an East Harlem shopping mall, the NY Post reports, to buy Halloween candy for underprivileged kids when she was struck by the falling cart.

Four floors up, Raymond Hernandez and Jeovanni Rosario, then ages 12 and 13, respectively, had hoisted the cart over a railing and then fled the scene. Video obtained by the NY Post (below) shows them fighting with 14-year-old Achilles Baskin. "They wanted me to help them throw the cart, but I said no," Baskin told the Post. "I was trying to stop them. I was trying to put the cart near me. But they had the advantage because there were two of them against one."

Baskin had to spend three weeks at Bellevue Hospital for psychological treatment following the incident. Rosario was sentenced to between six and 18 months at a school for at-risk kids. Hernandez was sent to a therapeutic group home for six months, and was arrested in Dec. 2015 for his involvement in 14 burglaries. 

The brain damage Hedges sustained from the falling cart manifests as memory loss, double vision, and impaired motor skills. She has had to be retaught things like how to "fry an egg, write things in a calendar, or use a phone." A source close to Hedges told Huffington Post in 2012 that "She's not the same person. Talking to her is like talking to a 9-year-old or a 90-year-old."

Michael Hedges filed a lawsuit in 2012 against the East River Plaza mall, the mall's security company, the property developer, Target, Costco and  Bob's Discount Furniture.

 The court proceedings left Hedges' family in financial ruin. Her husband Michael told the Post in Dec. 2015, "This has destroyed our lives in every possible way." Because his wife requires constant care, Michael has had to scrounge for work, and they have been living off loans. Target's attorney, Sal DeLuca told the Post on Oct. 6 that they were working on a settlement.

Warning: Graphic Video

Sources: NY Post (2)(3), Huffington Post, Video Credit: NY Post via Youtube / Photo Credit: Matthew McDermott via NY Post

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