Woman Surprised After Testing Boyfriend's Fidelity (Video)


In a bid to test his loyalty, a woman tried tempting her boyfriend into cheating on her with a lingerie-clad model -- and was surprised by his response (video below).

Filmed on a secret camera by the YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, her plumber boyfriend finds himself meeting a scantily dressed client who tries to seduce him.

The woman, who is a model called Allison, welcomes him into her house only wearing lingerie, which the boyfriend is quick to notice.

"You wanna go change?" he asks, but Allison declines.

As he proceeds to check out the faulty sink, Allison peppers in innuendo-laden comments while posing provocatively.

"I think it might need lubrication" and "it's pretty deep" are just some of the suggestive statements she throws at the man, who remains unfazed.

Finally, when he finishes the job, Allison makes her a move.

"Can I be honest?" she asks. "I've been lonely at night. I really need some in my life."

That's when the boyfriend quickly begins backing away, explaining he has a girlfriend and that he's got to go -- yet Allison continues to push him, at one point even saying, "I'm not letting you leave without one stroke."

But he manages to fight off all of her advances and leaves the house, much to his girlfriend's delight.

She still wasn't completely pleased.

While she says she's "proud" he didn't cheat, she explains noticed he gave the model a flirtatious "look" and pondered if he would have gone through with it if he wasn't on the job.

The video received mixed responses on social media.

"If you don't trust your significant other enough that you have to pull these stupid 'tests' then you aren't mature enough to be in a serious relationship or you don't need to be with that person," wrote one woman on the Daily Mail's Facebook page.

"Only guilty conscience would push someone to that extent," chimed in another. "Putting a man you claim to love on a test and after he proves loyal the women still felt unsatisfied and blaming the man for some Bs. In my opinion, dump the B** quick before its too late. She doesn't need to be in a relationship with that much insecurity."

Sources: To Catch A Cheater/YouTube, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: Robynlou Kavanagh/Flickr

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