Woman Uses Urine To Put Out Boyfriend She Set On Fire

Woman Uses Urine To Put Out Boyfriend She Set On Fire Promo Image

A woman in Pennsylvania reportedly set her sleeping boyfriend on fire on July 9 and then attempted to douse the flames with urine.

Although 25 percent of the man's body was burned, he is expected to survive, reports KTRK.

Leigh Ann Sepelyak, 38, later told police she committed the crime because she was angry at her boyfriend.

She also added the couple lived in her parent's basement in Penn Hills and used a bucket to urinate in instead of a toilet so they didn't bother the parents, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Sepelyak explained she quickly felt remorseful for lighting her partner on fire and used the urine to save his life.

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"I think they had enough urine there to put him out," Penn Hills police Chief Howard Burton commented.

The woman now faces multiple charges, including attempted homicide.

Social media users were shocked hearing the news.

"Where do these sick people come from????" commented one person on ABC7NY's Facebook post about the incident.

"WTF is wrong with these savages?" chimed in a second. "What is happening to people."

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"Just when u think you've heard it all," added a third.

"Leave the relationship if its not healthy or safe," commented another. "Taking a life for being under duress is not the path to inner peace."

Others found the situation amusing.

"Doesn't everyone have a spare bucket of urine in their house?" joked one reader.

"Most people have a bucket of urine around specifically for this purpose," agreed another.

"I understand the urge to do it, but cooler heads must prevail, just the urine would have been enough, lol," commented a third.

Other commenters found the jokes inappropriate.

"People find this funny?" wondered one person. "Wow, most of the humans in America went mentally ill."

It's not the first time in the past month a partner has been in the news for an attack involving urine, Forum News Service reports.

Joseph Alan Schleeter, 32, was convicted of attacking his ex-girlfriend and forcing feces into her mouth and urinating on her face. The attacks happened over several days in a home in New London, Minnesota.

"This is a horrible case," argued Assistant County Attorney Aaron Welch during the hearing. "It’s one of the rare cases where such a sentence is absolutely warranted."

Judge Jennifer Fischer agreed, calling Schleeter's actions "animalistic" and proof of "how evil a person can act."

Schleeter was sentenced to 42 months in prison in June 2017. This was twice the recommended sentence for the felonies he was convicted of.

"We were able to obtain justice for this victim," said Kandiyohi County Attorney Shane Baker.

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