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Woman Sentenced To Six Years In Jail For Falsely Accusing Man Of Rape, Causing Mob To Beat Him To Death

A 20-year-old Baltimore woman has been sentenced to six years in prison for falsely accusing a man of rape and causing a mob to beat and ultimately kill him.

Latiqwa Mayes was walking down the street with her friends when she saw the victim Donald Robinson walk by. Robinson had reportedly once assaulted her friend, but he was released. Mayes was not happy that he didn’t receive a harsher sentence, so when she saw him walking down the street, she accused him of rape in retaliation.

“He raped me! He’s a sex offender!” Mayes screamed.

Almost immediately, a mob lead by Mayes’ father proceeded to beat Robinson and at one point, he was even sprayed with pepper spray.

After being so badly beaten, he attempted to stumble away, but mere hours later, he died of from his injuries.

Following the incident, Latiqwa Mayes and her father Willie, along with two others, were arrested and charged. Now, both Latiqwa and Willie have been sentenced to jail, and Latiqua will have to spend the next six years in prison. During her sentencing, the judge told her that even though Robinson was a sex offender, she and the others “took it too far.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Baltimore Sun, The Baltimore Crime Beat


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