Woman Sentenced in Massive Psychic Fraud Scheme


A South Florida woman is headed to federal prison and will be forced to repay $2.2 million to victims for an elaborate fraud scheme in which she told people she could help them using her psychic powers.

44-year-old Nancy Demetro Marks was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for telling victims that she could do a number of things using her psychic powers.

The elaborate scheme isn’t just confined to Nancy Marks, however. Eight other family members were arrested and will be charged in the massive scheme. Marks’ mother Rose appears to be the leader of the operation and will reportedly receive a much harsher sentence in March.

According to victim testimony, the Marks family took millions of dollars over years from people whom they convinced they could influence situations like infertility and terminal cancer. The family had psychic shops set up in Fort Lauderdale and New York.


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