Woman Sentenced To Just Two Years In Prison After Raping Boy 50 Times


A 21-year-old woman convicted of raping an eight-year-old boy over 50 times was sentenced to just two years in prison on Tuesday. The presiding judge says he gave the offender, Loren Morris, a lenient sentence because she stopped the abuse on her own accord.

"I take into account what has been said to me and the fact that you stopped the activity yourself," Judge Robert Juckes said in court. "You realized it was wrong rather than being caught and forced to stop."

The abuse started five years ago when Morris was 16 years old and her victim was eight. Morris admits she forced sex on the child over 50 times over the course of two years. Her abuse was brought to light after the boy was heard talking about his sexual history at school.

Morris’ defense attorney, Antonie Mullers, said the woman is having trouble coming to terms with her offenses.

"Her immaturity at 21 means she cannot accept the facts yet," Mullers said. "She accepts her conviction but with time will accept more."

Morris was seen on camera grinning from ear to ear before her court hearing on Tuesday.

In addition to her prison sentence, Morris is forbidden from having any contact with a child without the parents’ permission. She will be placed on the U.K. sex offender registry for the next 10 years.

Sources: Huffington Post, Mirror


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