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Woman Sentenced for Leaving Baby to Die, But Abortion is Okay?

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How can anyone ignore the irony in this awful story reported in the Washington Post yesterday?

A young woman walks out into a field with a pink towel, scissors,
and a plastic bag, gives birth to a daughter, cuts the umbilical cord
and leaves the baby to die.

Of course she could have had an abortionist legally kill the child.

The Supreme Court case of Doe v. Bolton mandates that an
abortion be legal even after viability if an abortion doctor cites
emotional or “familial” reasons for the abortion. During a post-arrest
interview the woman said she had been raped, and the prosecutor said
the woman got rid of the baby because she was afraid the man she was
living with, whom she considered her husband, would break up with her
for having another man’s child. Plenty of legal grounds for a
late-term abortion.

Assistant State’s Attorney Renee Battle-Brooks argued that whether
she was impregnated because she was raped was irrelevant. “That
doesn’t make [the baby's] life any less valuable,” Battle-Brooks said.
“That baby struggled for breath in that plastic bag. She was alone, she
was cold and she was hungry.”

Last month a 33-year old Rhode Island woman was sentenced to 25 years for killing her newborn daughter.

The baby was found in a plastic garbage bag under a laundry
appliance in the woman’s parents’ home. Judge Robert Krause of
Providence County said, “Not to impose a substantial jail sentence …
would simply devalue the life of a child.” Krause added: “No civilized
society is prepared to do that and neither am I.”

My point in raising these cases is not to argue for criminal
penalties for women who have abortions – no one in the pro-life
movement seeks that – but to show the irony in our law, and the
striking quotes from those in the legal system as they recognize and
defend the humanity of the youngest of babies. They sound so much like
pro-lifers. One day, God willing, everyone will speak this way about
children, even before birth.


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