Woman Pleads No Contest To Biting Off Part Of Her Ex-Boyfriend's Ear, Avoids Jail

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Danielle Nebelung bit off part of her ex-boyfriend’s ear after an argument over bills in their Macomb County, Michigan, home last March. She was sentenced on Friday.

Nebelung, 32, reportedly jumped on 37-year-old Anthony Caruso’s back and bit his ear “like a dog would,” according to court documents. She was originally charged with domestic violence, felony assault with intent to maim, and misdemeanor aggravated assault, the Macomb Daily reports. Howver, Nebelung pleaded no contest and the felony assault and misdemeanor aggravated assaults charges were dropped.

Nebelung, a makeup artist, also avoided jailtime with the deal, and instead was ordered to undergo anger management classes and sentenced to two years probation. She will also be subjected to random drug testing and is not allowed to have any contact with Caruso. If she doesn't violate her probation for a year, she can petition the court to end her probation.

However, her legal woes are not be over yet -- she still faces a civil suit. 

Caruso has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Nebelung and Waldenburg Bar, where the couple went prior to the fight. Caruso alleges the bar over-served Nebelung, which led to her rage. Waldenburg Bar has filed a cross suit against Nebelung.

The civil suit will be evaluated on July 13.

Sources: The Macomb Daily, NY Daily News

Image Credit: Facebook, Macomb County Sheriff's Office


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