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Woman Sends Man’s Unwanted Sext To His Mother

After a man she had met via a dating app sent her an unwanted picture of his manhood, a female Tumblr user with the handle "aheartbeatchanged" decided to get even by forwarding the photo to his mom.

Aheartbeatchanged met the guy, Trevor, via the dating app “Let’s Date.”

They were having a pretty normal conversation about the weather when Trevor decided to send the raunchy picture.

“F--- no,” aheartbeatchanged replied. “I don't need to be disrespected by someone I don't even know."

“Relax,” he wrote back. “It’s only my c---.”

Things quickly went from bad to worse and Trevor eventually called aheartbeatchanged a “prude.” Shortly thereafter she informed him that she had located his mother on Facebook and intended to send her the photo, The Daily Dot reported.  

“I honestly think you deserve to have that uncomfortable conversation with your mother,” she wrote.

It is unclear whether aheartbeatchanged ever heard back from Trevor’s mom.

Sources: The Daily Dot, MSN Now


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