Woman Sends Abusive Boyfriend to Jail With Note Slipped to Gas Station Clerk

A woman seeking help to get away from her abusive boyfriend in a Tacoma, Washington state gas station on Saturday slipped the store attendant a note that led to the man's arrest.

"Can you call 911," read the note handed to AM/PM convenience store clerk Bruce Dean. Then: “DV” for domestic violence, her license plate number, and the words: "Baby in car."

KIRO-TV reports that the woman then told the man that her boyfriend was abusive and feared that he would hurt her again. She couldn’t flee, however, because her baby was in the car and the man had threatened to harm the child.

Unexpectedly faced with a terrifying situation, Dean looked out to the car and recognized the face he saw. He identified the man as Mark Francis Valucus—a 4 foot, 3 inch criminal whose short stature is due to dwarfism.

Valucus has a long roster of criminal offenses on his record including sexual assault, kidnapping, weapons and drug charges.

The woman told police that he had attacked her with a baseball bat, burned her with a cigarette, stabbed her, and threatened to kill her in the past several days.

The man allegedly suggested that the family go for a ride so the woman could calm down. When they got to the gas station the woman was able to slip the store attendant the note.

Dean called 911 as the mother headed back to the car and gave police the plate number. Deputies tracked down the car, finding a baseball bat and knife inside.

Valucus is being held in the Pierce County Jail on two charges of second-degree assault and felony harassment in lieu of $500,000 bail, The News Tribune reports.

The baby was unharmed.

Sources: KIRO-TV, The News Tribune


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