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Woman Sends $1.4 Million To Her Online 'Boyfriend'

Dating can be tricky. A woman named Sarah has sent $1.4 million to a man she fell in love with online.

Though they’ve been “dating” for the last 17 months, Sarah has never met “Chris Olsen” in person.

Sarah will be on the Dr. Phil show on March 3 to hopefully meet Chris face to face, but she told the talk show host she’s pretty sure he’s not a scammer.

Chris, who is supposedly a businessman from Milan, Italy, has told Sarah he’s being detained in Africa after being falsely accused of money laundering. She’s allegedly bailed him out of jail, paid his legal fees and funded his nanny. Chris has told Sarah he’s tried to leave the country to see her, but that he keeps being detained.

"I am 95 percent certain that Chris is telling me the truth, that this is all legit,” Sarah said. "He assured me that when he gets home he's going to pay me back every dime.”

While Sarah might be sure of Chris’ intentions, the casual observer might believe that she’s been deceived by his loving emails and sickly sweet phone calls. He calls her endearments like "queen" and "flower."

Even Sarah admits Chris, who told her he was a widower, has changed over the course of their relationship. "When I first started talking to him he sounded Italian. Now his accent has kind of changed," she said.

There’s definitely no way this is a scam. Perhaps he’s simply an Italian-Nigerian prince who’s lost control of his throne and needs a loan to get his crown back.

Source: Jezebel Image via Jezebel


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