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Woman Finds Rooster Painted Orange On Busy Road

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A woman spotted a strange-looking bird in the road, and looked closer to find out that it wasn't just any old bird, but it was a rooster painted orange.

The Boston, Massachusetts, resident reportedly made the discovery on Dec. 21, and then called Animal Control officer Kevin Biasetti to report that she found a rooster pained orange from "beak to toe," WBZ reports. Biasetti then escorted the animal to the MSPCA, 

"We’ve taken in thousands of roosters in our 100 years of operation, but this is the first time anyone can recall a bird painted orange from head to toe," MSPCA-Nevins Farm outreach coordinator Julia Pesek said. "It’s impossible to know who did this and why, but the most important thing to us is that he’s seemingly healthy and very adoptable -- once we correct his bad dye job!"

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Pesek and her colleagues moved the 1-year-old rooster, who they named Chester, into a barn at the facility housing other farm animals while he awaits adoption because the chicken coops were over capacity. 

"We currently have over 140 roosters and hens living on the farm," Pesek told WCVB. "We’re absolutely over capacity, and hopeful that folks will open their homes to birds this holiday season."

MSPCA spokesman Rob Halpin told Boston Magazine that Chester is friendly and likes being held by humans.

"He seems in good health and has no other adverse reaction to the paint job," Halpin said. "We’re slowly washing and drying him… to expedite the return to his normal color."

Sources: WCVB, WBZ, Boston Magazine / Photo credit: MSPCA-Nevins Farm via WCVB, MSPCA via Boston Magazine 

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