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Woman Sees Boyfriend On Date With Another Girl, His Reaction Shocks Her


A New York woman was shocked when her boyfriend acted like he didn’t know her after they ran into each other when he was on a date with another woman.

Kadia Blagrove reportedly began dating the unnamed man six months prior to the incident, after the two met on Tinder. In an article for xoJane, 26-year-old Blagrove explained that she and her boyfriend had agreed to become exclusive prior to the awkward run-in.

On the day of the incident, Blagrove said she began having trouble getting a hold of her boyfriend to try and discuss plans they’d made for that night. Annoyed that she was unable to reach him, Blagrove decided to go out with a friend. They chose a bar close to her friend’s apartment which Blagrove and her boyfriend frequented — so much so that the staff knew them by name.

"Upon entering the bar, I half-jokingly said 'Imagine if he’s in here with some other girl,'" she wrote. “Like magic, the Universe said "B**** YOU GUESSED IT!”

Sure enough, her boyfriend was seated at the bar next to another girl — cozying up to her and affectionately touching her.

After stepping away for a few minutes to compose herself, Blagrove approached her boyfriend and tapped him on the shoulder. 

“Hi,” she said.

According to the young woman’s blog, the boyfriend was clearly shocked for a brief moment before choosing to ignore her and resume his date.

Blagrove ultimately left the bar and went back to her friend’s apartment, where she collapsed in tears. The now-ex called her repeatedly the following day and attempted to contact her for several months after the incident, but she didn’t answer.

Though it took her a while to get over the heartbreak because she never got closure, Blagrove said she knew ignoring his calls and texts was the right thing to do.

“But even though I was heart-broken, I knew my worth,” she said. “There was nothing to gain from inviting him back into my life. I took a logical and selfish look at myself and the kind of respect I require from anyone who wants to spend time with me.”

Sources: Daily Mail, xoJane / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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