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Mother Arrested After Infant Is Found In Dumpster

An Amherstburg woman has been arrested in connection with a dead baby that was found in a garbage dumpster in London.

Samantha Richards, 23, is accused of giving birth to the child on or about June 15, the London Free Press reported. The infant was found inside of a grocery bag on June 16 by a homeless man who was digging in dumpsters behind a high-rise in London.

Police asked the public for help in locating the infant’s mother. They found Richards two days later, CTV News reported. It is not clear how their search led them to Amherstburg.

Richards is now facing charges of "neglect to obtain assistance in childbirth," and "disposing of an infant’s body after giving birth." Richards is also accused of "intent to conceal the birth of the child."

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Further details on what caused the child’s death have not been made public at this time. Police did not indicate whether the child was a boy or girl. It is unknown how far along Richards was at the time she gave birth, or if the child died before, after or during birth.

Richards worked at two bars in Windsor: Dugout Bar Sports Lounge and the Bull & Barrell. She was active on social media, but had not posted any pictures or statuses that revealed her pregnancy.

Richards will appear in court for a bail hearing on June 23. More information will be released as police continue their investigation.

Sources: London Free Press, CTV News / Photo credit: Facebook via London Free PressCTV News

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