Woman Seeks Relationship Closure, Sets Fire to Ex-Boyfriend's Apartment


Kaelyn Partenza allegedly set fire to the front door of her ex-boyfriend's apartment while searching for emotional closure to the relationship.

Partenza reportedly arrived at her ex's Deerfield Beach, Fla. apartment last Wednesday.

According to the police report, Partenza said that she, her ex-boyfriend Brian Morris and his new girlfriend had been living in the apartment "as a family" until recently, noted Guyism.com.

Partenza told police that she wanted "to get closure on her relationship with Morris," who met her at the front door of the apartment with a gun.

After a physical confrontation, Partenza claims she fled the scene and Morris threw her own boots at her, bruising her arm.

However, Partenza says she left some personal property on the front porch and returned to the apartment, reports NBC Miami.

Morris told police that he caught Partenza peeking through a slit in the front door, which he blocked with a towel.

The police report says that's when Partenza poured a container of lighter fluid on the front door and added a lit cigarette.

"I got mad and lit the door on fire," Partenza told police.

Morris' new girlfriend put out the flames.

Partenza was charged with two counts of arson first-degree dwelling with people present, while Morris was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm/domestic violence and battery domestic violence.

Sources: Guyism.com and NBC Miami


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