Watch: Woman Tells Police Officer She Doesn't Need To Follow Law Because She's A 'Free Inhabitant' (Video)

A video that recently went viral shows how one woman progressed from breaking the law to falsely alleging rape after an officer attempted to detain her.

When the video begins, the car the woman is in has already been pulled over by a police officer. The officer appears to be arresting the driver of the car and the woman is in the passenger seat.

When the officer asks the woman to exit the vehicle, she claims she is a “free inhabitant” and is therefore not required by law to get out of the car. She insists that the rule doesn't apply to her because she doesn’t identify as an American citizen.

The officer advises the woman that she hasn’t done anything wrong. The woman then exits the car. However, she also attempts to leave the scene.

“You’re not free to leave,” the officer says.

The officer then attempts to stop the woman, but then she screams “rape.”

It’s unclear where the video was recorded.

The footage was originally uploaded in 2013, but it only recently went viral. To date, the video has been viewed over 30,000 times. 

Sources: IJ ReviewThe Blaze

Photo Credit: YouTube


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