Angry Girlfriend Sells Cheating Boyfriend's Stuff on eBay


Talk about a woman scorned -- a Florida woman is getting back at her now-former boyfriend for cheating on her by selling his stuff on eBay. And to add insult to injury, she is posing with his items in various stages of undress.

The Boca Raton woman, who calls herself "Taylor Morgan" on Facebook but won't give her real name, said a friend caught her boyfriend of five years cheating, so she kicked him out of the house. He left his stuff behind so she decided to put it up for sale.

"Maybe initially I was getting back at him, but now I don't feel that way," Taylor told the New York Post. "It's fun. I find this all to be very therapeutic, very liberating."

She's also gotten national publicity, being interviewed by Fox, ABC and CBS.

This all raises one question -- isn't Taylor selling stolen merchandise? We don't really know if the ex-boyfriend tried to get his things back. But if he did, then wouldn't this qualify as theft? Are people out there wearing stolen, used shirts?

Taylor said she has already made $1,000 from 21 auctions. Such items as a $49 shirt sold for $87.50. Along with the item, Taylor promises a "personal" thank you note and a previously unseen photo.

Here's one of her poses:

Image placeholder title

Taylor promises that the more she sells, the more "creative" she will get with her poses, which is sure to anger the ex-boyfriend. 

"'He preferred that I be a lot more conservative and didn't like for me to dress sexy. So now I'm saying, 'ha, ha, you don't have a say-so anymore.'"

In addition to selling his stuff, she's also selling a shirt she wore in her first interview, on CBS. Here is that listing:

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