Woman Says She's Too Fat To Work And Turned Down Weight Loss Surgery To Stay On Benefits

A woman who weighs nearly 400 pounds reportedly brought in over $112,000 in benefits because she’s “too fat to work,” and even though she was told to get weight loss surgery, she denied the procedure so that she could continue to get benefits.

Reports say that Jodie Sinclair, a 28-year-old former chef, lives off of disability benefits and occupies a rent-free home in Peterborough, England. Sinclair says that her weight has left her unable to hold a job, and even though she has been told to get government-funded weight loss surgery, she has turned it down so that she can continue to collect benefits.

“I’m not going ­under the knife for ­anyone because I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong,” Sinclair said. “Doctors keep on shouting at me to lose weight but I don’t even eat that much. My cooked breakfasts are my treat. My mum would come over every day and we would have sausage, ­bacon, beans and toast but the dietician had a go at me for that. She said ‘what’s the point in me coming here if you won’t try?’ so I told her not to come again. I wasn’t going to give up my breakfasts.”

Jodie does not take responsibility for her weight and claims that she has a disorder that causes her to gain weight.

“Every time I go to the doctors they tell me I’m going to die if I don’t lose weight. But none of them understand that I have a condition that’s making me this weight,” Sinclair said. “I eat potatoes and pasta, not takeaways, so it’s not my fault. They don’t believe me that I don’t eat too much so I had to get my own mobility scooter – the NHS wouldn’t provide one. My boyfriend bought it for me so I can get out.”

Sinclair reportedly has to get help with simple things like bathing herself, and despite doctors saying she needs surgery in order to save her life, the 28-year-old is unwilling to listen.

“They think they know everything but I know better,” Sinclair claimed. “I know that op won’t help me, so they need to work with me how I am.”

Sources:Metro UK, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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