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Woman Says She Was Denied A Haircut Because Of Barber's Gender Bias (Video)

A woman claims she was denied a haircut at Roseway Barber Shop in Portland, Oregon, because of the barber’s gender bias. The barber, Marty Pinz, says he didn’t know what type of haircut she wanted (video below).

Kaki Marshall, 42, accused Pinz, the shop owner, of gender discrimination for refusing to give her a haircut and saying he only does men’s cuts.

Marshall said she asked for a “No. 4 skin fade,” a style generally more popular among men. She says she remained calm for 15 minutes while she talked with the barbers and they never asked her to clarify about what type of haircut she wanted. The shop has claimed it wouldn’t cut her hair because staff did not know what kind of haircut she was looking for.

“She asked for a ‘razor fade.’ Both of us here have been licensed barbers for over 20 years and we have never heard that term before,” wrote Roseway Barber Shop on Facebook. “We kept telling her ‘we don't know what you're asking us for.’ She kept saying the same thing over and over, that she wanted a razor fade. This went on for 5-10 minutes. We said to her ‘we just do short men's haircuts.’”

“That means crew cuts, buzz cuts and flat tops, those types of cuts,” the shop explained. They denied saying that they only cut men’s hair.

But Marshall says otherwise. She wrote, “I asked them for a classic men's cut and they refused to give me any service. When I asked them why, they said ‘we only cut men's hair.’”

The shop said Marshall believed they were discriminating against her because she was a woman and may be gay, but that the shop has gay customers and it does not discriminate and have given women flattops. The store accused her of threatening it by destroying their business and making their lives “miserable,” reports Oregon Live.

Marshall denies making those statements.

She said they denied her service because she didn’t match what they thought a woman should look like. She noted that it was a gender issue, not sexual orientation.

After the conversation, Marshall went back in and filmed the encounter.

Marshall said she was contacted by the American Civil Liberties Union, and may file a complaint though she would rather teach the barbers about gender binary oppression than file a labor bureau complaint.

Sources: Oregon Live, Facebook (2) / Photo credit: Roseway Barber Shop/Facebook


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