Tennessee Woman Creates GoFundMe Page For Powerball Reimbursement


After reportedly spending her life savings on Powerball tickets, a Tennessee woman tried to open a GoFundMe page so others could reimburse her while she “spend[s] another fortune trying to hit it big again.”

Cinnamon Nicole from Cordova, Tennessee, allegedly bought as many Powerball tickets as she could afford, hoping to win the jackpot of $1.5 billion on Jan. 13. It is unknown exactly how much money the family spent on their lottery dreams.

Although the odds of winning are a mere 1 in 292.2 million, she and her family were “expecting” to win the jackpot with such an investment, Vibe reports.

Upon realizing she didn’t win, she asked the internet to reimburse her through a GoFundMe crowd-funding page.

Cinnamon managed to raise $800 in seven hours before her fundraising page was taken down, according to Vibe. Part of her plea read as follows:

Please help me and my family as we have [exhausted] all of our funds. We spent all of our money on lottery tickets (expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need of cash. With your small donation of at least $1.00, a like  and one share, I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again! PLEASE, won’t you help a family in need. DONATE NOW.

As a token of appreciation, Cinnamon pledged to give donors the honor of being her “#MCM” or “#WCW.”

However, quite a few people did not support her crowd-funding endeavors.

One such person wrote an opinion piece for Bar Stool Sports about the GoFundMe page, questioning who would donate to Cinnamon's cause.

It is unknown whether GoFundMe removed her profile or if Cinnamon took the page down herself.

Sources: Vibe, Bar Stool Sports / Photo credit: GoFundMe via Vibe, WNC Times

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