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Woman Accused Of Stabbing Grandfather To Death

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Authorities arrested a Pennsylvania woman for the murder of her 80-year-old grandfather after she allegedly stabbed him more than 40 times.

Patricia Diocson, 21, is accused of stabbing her grandfather, Robert Girard, to death, WPVI reports. According to investigators, Diocson confessed to the murder, saying she did it because Girard had been abusive, though the nature of the abuse is unclear.

Diocson originally told police she had come home to find Girard dead in a pool of blood, naked, on Nov. 15 at around 9 p.m. Police did not find signs of a break in or anything missing from the home at that time.

There had been a trail of blood leading to Girard's bedroom on the second floor of the home, the Daily Mail reports.

Neighbors had previously suspected a man living in a white van that had been parked nearby for several weeks had committed the murder. However, police said that when they interviewed the man, nothing tied him to Girard's death.

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"I am sick," said neighbor Brian White. "I am heartbroken. Obviously one of my good friends, I've lived around him for 40 years. It's a disgrace whatever happened to Bob."

Investigators said neighborhood surveillance footage showed Diocson was the last person to enter the home before Girard was reported dead, WCAU notes.

Diocson lived with Girard and worked at a local grocery store.

Dan Martino, a neighbor, said he hadn't heard arguments between Diocson and Girard.

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Girard, a U.S. Army veteran, had lost his wife Diane in January 2016.

"They were both sweet people," Girard's longtime friend Pauline Cheeseman said of he and his wife, The Associated Press reports. "I can't even think of him being murdered or why he would even be murdered."

"He was a sweet guy," added Cheeseman. "He did no harm to nobody. He would help somebody if they needed it. That's why I can't see how they did this to him."

"We used to all go camping," recalled Cheeseman. "He would go on the boat with my brother-in-law. He would be at my house every day when we lived down this way."

Martino said he didn't notice anything different about Diocson when he spoke with her at the grocery store the week of the murder.

"Same thing as always, 'Hey Dan.' 'Hey Trish,'" recalled Martino, according to WCAU. "We see each other. It was very pleasant."

"To learn about this is horrific," added Martino. "Shocking. It just sent a chill down my spine because to be honest, she was the last person I would have suspected."

Police charged Diocson with murder and possession of an instrument of crime, according to WPVI.

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