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Woman Says NYC Cabbie Beat Her Unconscious For Paying With Credit Card

A woman says she was beaten unconscious by a New York City cab driver because she wanted to pay for her ride with a credit card, CBS 2 reported.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was assaulted by the cab driver shortly after midnight on Saturday.

She and her fiancé hailed the cab at the corner of Broome and Mulberry streets, but the driver suddenly stopped after “two or three blocks.”

The driver told her the credit card machine in the cab was broken, and he wanted them to pay in cash.

She told the driver they had no cash and would have to go to an ATM.

“He just went ballistic. He just lost it,” the woman said.

Suddenly he got out of the cab and grabbed her fiancé by the tie, leaving red marks on his neck.

“He’s screaming he doesn’t trust anyone, he doesn’t trust anyone,” she said.

He then yanked her out of the cab and punched her.

“He punched me in the face. Square in the face with a fist,” she said. “Knocked me off my feet and knocked me out.”

Witnesses and her fiancé turned on the cabbie, and he quickly got back into his cab and drove away.

“They were all yelling, ‘you can’t hit a woman,’ ‘you just hit a woman,’” she said.

“My jaw is swollen up," she explained. "I can’t open it. There’s a ringing in my ear. My eye muscles are swollen and throbbing."

“He hit my fiancee. I would like to crack his head open,” said her fiancé, who did not want to be identified, “It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

The woman told CBS she remembers what the driver looks like and will be working with the NYPD to identify the man.

“It’s just insane. It could happen to anyone and that’s what’s so scary,” she added.

It’s common knowledge that yellow cabs aren’t allowed to refuse credit as payment, but the Taxi and Limousine Commission told CBS that drivera are allowed to operate cabs with broken machines for up to 48 hours before they must be repaired.

Attacks by New York City cab drivers are a rare occurence. In October 2012, a cab driver was stripped of his license after he was caught on camera throwing a drunk and disorderly passenger out of his taxi and into a busy Midtown street. Sidikiba Diallo said he did it because the man was vomiting and cursing.

Sources: CBS 2, ABC 7


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