Woman Says Austin Police Beat Her at SXSW (Video)


Margaret Woodbury claims she was smashed in the head with a baton by an Austin, Texas police officer while attending the SXSW music festival on March 15.

Woodbury says that she and some friends saw a woman crying on the street, so Woodbury offered help.

“She became really upset and pushed me and then I pushed her back, and then she fell on the floor, and from there she’s on the floor and the police officer came behind me and hit me,” Woodbury told KVUE (video below).

“I blacked out and fell to the ground and when I came to they were pulling me up and putting me in zip ties,” added Woodbury.

“I was threatened [with being] arrested, and I can see how that would make people less inclined to come forward about it,” Woodbury said.

An unidentified witness took pictures of Woodbury's bloody injuries and told KVUE that she saw the police officer hit Woodbury in the forehead with a baton.

However, the Austin police officer's report states, "Margaret was injured during the fight from a kick by Amri [Estrada] to Margaret’s head, causing pain."

The Austin police officer arrested Estrada and charged her with assault, reports KHOU.

Because there were several surveillance cameras in the area, Woodbury believes those videos will prove her story.

Woodbury has filed a complaint with the Austin Police Monitor.

Sources: KVUE and KHOU


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