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Woman’s Epic Breakup Letter Goes Mega-Viral (Video)

You may want to think twice before leaving your Facebook page up when your ‘someone special’ is around. This woman’s break-up letter is blowing up the internet, with what is now millions of viewers wondering how it all turned out.

“Hey Honey!” the letter reads, “Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! :)”

The passive-aggressive voice carries on for the entire letter, with little smilies and hearts drawn all over the place. Then, it reads, the unfortunate man’s belongings have been conveniently packaged for him, and left at various places from quintessential moments throughout their former two-year relationship. 

We have to say, the woman sure found a creative way to hit her honey back for cheating. The letter ends with a short list of clues as to the whereabouts of his personal items: “Your clothes are where we first met! ... Your laptop is where we bought our first video game together!” Everything else, it reads, along with photos from the course of their relationship, are “at Kelsi’s house.”

The woman signs off with a little disclaimer: “While I didn’t break or damage anything, I can’t guarantee anybody else won’t find it!”

That’ll be a fun scavenger hunt. Bad move, bud.

Sources: ABC News, Inquisitr, Yahoo! Shine

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