Woman’s DNA Found on Man’s Body After He Claimed She Broke Into His House, Raped Him


A woman has been charged with rape after she allegedly broke into a man’s home and forced herself upon him.

The incident occurred more than a year ago. The man said he had returned from a party and gone to sleep.

Hours later, he awoke to find 28-year-old Chante Gilman on top of him, pinning him down and having sex with him.

The man demanded that she get off him, but the 240-pound woman refused and told him to be quiet. A struggle ensued, after which he was able to free himself and physically remove the woman from his apartment.

He then went to Harborview Medical Center, where a rape kit was administered. Police said that DNA found on his body matched Gilman’s.

When police interviewed Gilman, she claimed she remembered neither illegally entering his home nor having sex with him. Gilman described herself as “mentally ill.”

The man told police he recognized Gilman as “a drug user in the area.”

On Monday, Gilman was charged of unlawful entry and second-degree rape. A warrant for her arrest has been issued.

Sources: Raw Story, SeattlePI

Photo Sources: Raw Story, Finnbay


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