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Woman Rushes To ER With 'Helmet' Stuck On Head, Doctors Quickly Realize What Happened (Photo)

Woman Rushes To ER With 'Helmet' Stuck On Head, Doctors Quickly Realize What Happened (Photo) Promo Image

A photo of a woman who mistakenly used expanding foam insulation on her hair instead of hair mousse has gone viral.

It is being dubbed as the worst hair day of all time by many social media users.

The photo shows a woman sitting in a hospital believed to be somewhere in Eastern Europe, the Daily Mail reported. She was in the emergency clinic after allegedly mistaking spray foam insulation for hair mousse.

The result was her sitting in the hospital waiting area with a giant solid helmet of polyurethane foam on her head. The woman looks visibly unhappy with her current hairstyle.

Several social media users had a field day with the photo.

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"Ha ha reminds me when i put hair removal cream on my hair instead of [mousse]," wrote one Facebook user.

"I bet she wants to murder her son or husband that left that laying around," joked another. "She does not look happy at all. Nor would I!"

"I hate myself for laughing so much at this," wrote another user. "Poor lady!"

"Looks like she needs a hair stylist more then a doctor," quipped another.

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Looking at the image more closely, the woman's head also has twigs and leaves on it. This led other social media users to believe there is more to the story than a simple mistaken spray can.

"She was homeless and was attacked by a gang," wrote one user. "The story made her look like she was stupid, when really she was attacked."

"Nothing funny ab this!Dumb kids did that to her," wrote another. "Shame on them for bullying a homeless woman!Old story,at first everyone thought it was her own doing but then the real story came out,quite sad."

"Firstly, this photo is at least 3 years old as I've seen it many times before," added another user. "Secondly, she has leaves in it so it couldn't happen at home. Thirdly, she doesn't seem the type of woman who uses anything to 'style' her hair. Finally, if you use hair mousse, don't you first put it on your hand? So there is as much truth in this story as in the one about Easter bunny."

According to urban legend site Snopes, the photo began circulating on social media in September 2015. It was uploaded on Reddit with the backstory that a woman mistook spray foam insulation for hair mousse.

Several media outlets then ran the story with the alleged explanation, but even then, some social media users pointed out that the leaves and twigs on the woman's head tell a different story.

"And she seems to have confused sticks and leaves for curlers," wrote one Reddit user. "I think there is a different story to this pic."

"Last time this image was posted it was claimed that she mistook it for shampoo," added another. "Still doesn't add up."

There has been no confirmation about what exactly happened to the woman in the photograph.

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